Sunday, October 16, 2011

Capture the Flag!

This layout comes from the Now We're Rockin' class by Jessica Sprague. It was from an earlier version of the class & I think the new class looks fantastic!!

Here's what it says!

Capture the Flag
Two Teams. Two Flags.
Over 250 Water Balloons. Purple Against Orange.
Separated by more than 100 yards of Wooded Cover.
When you can't seem to score or get your sister's flag...
...send in the 4 yr old!

Circle Text:
In war there is no substitute for victory. Gen. MacArthur
There is at least one thing worse than fighting with Allies-And that is to fight without them. Sir Winston Churchill
I gave them fair warning. Pres. Geo W Bush
All of the supplies used were from the class materials except for the splatter brush.

This was an awesome day of fun! We just played and played...of course this was after filling the hundreds of water balloons. :) I love my family!

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