Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sprague Classes

In December 09, I started looking at more online classes that could teach not only the fundamentals of the software program Adobe CS3 but also, the quick and easy IMPORTANT stuff for digital scrapbooking. I had been a huge fan of Jessica Sprague & her blog because of all the sincere help & tutorials and her evident desire for people to understand how much fun scrapbooking can be.  There are always free kits and free tutorials available at her website.  But her classes!!! WOW! Fantastic! So in depth, so much detail, yet everything is so organized and planned out and ...here is the main part... taught at an everyman's level. These classes could be taught to someone that is just loading the software on their machine to someone who has been using it for years...there really is that much great, well executed information taught clearly. And, she thinks you're awesome. :) Bonus.  The work I've been doing in her classes have made me sign up for more & more! Simply because I have been able to advance so quickly in my understanding, the ease of the program now is a dream...and I have soooo much more to learn. So go check it out!
I can't wait to post all the great layouts created with the course materials from Jessica's classes.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Not Tired Yet

Another super kit from Scrapgirls, this one was completed with Just Be You Collection Biggie by Angie Briggs. This was the same day at the park!   Not completely happy with the name tag in the corner, but it actually won the layout of the week @ Scrapgirls and was worth me earning a $5. gift certificate to their store! Totally cool!

Josey & the Park

This was an awesome day. Just Josey & me. Her sisters were practicing for the One Act Play competition & this was a treat for us to be alone and just play. We both took several pictures that day. I loved this digital kit,  Beautiful Life Collection Biggie by Thao Cosgrove at Scrapgirls.  I plan on doing several more pages from this day with the same kit. Awesome!

The top pic's name is "Run Jo Run" and the bottom pic is "Photo by Jo".

Christmas Certificates

The girls all got an envelope with a certificate of choice classes that they could choose from. They turned out rather nice looking.
The 12 Days of Christmas Angels set was by Valerie Randall from
ScrapGirls. Just going to post a few to show off how cute they were. Extra parts of the set...can't quite remember what was what, but I did add papers and stuff from these kits. "Holiday Time Collection" by Keri Schueller and "Spice Collection Biggie" by Angie Briggs.


The kit for this layout was an awesome freebie from Jenn @ Dancing Princess Designs blog. It was a mini-kit designed for the gals at GoDigitalScrapbooking. I couldn't find the link to purchase this particular set, but the name of the mini-kit was "SugarnSpice" and you could contact Jenn via her blog to find out how to get it for yourself & for more cool stuff!
In October '09 I took a few classes @ GDS by Andrea Gold. One of the classes for Photoshop CS3 included clipping masks and had one of Andrea's Quick Pages as part of the course materials.  This is the finished product.

Watson's Sweater

Our sweet little Scottish Terrier, Watson, is modeling his latest sweater. Miriam spoils him so much. He has more coats & jackets than me. And he loves wearing them and all the attention that he gets along with his apparel. This was another entry at the GoDigitalScrapbooking site. Digital kit "A New Day" by Christy Skaggs.

Picking Berries, Summer 2009

Picking Berries, Summer 2009.

We spent most of the summer with the grandparents and the girls had a blast in the country. Being able to go outside every day and just run around was so much fun. Josey loved picking berries. They grew around every fence and seemed to be everywhere. She ate as much as she put in her baskets or bowls. This layout was my first digital entry into an online community gallery. Credits for the digital kit go to: Powder Blue by Carena's Design.