Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sprague Classes

In December 09, I started looking at more online classes that could teach not only the fundamentals of the software program Adobe CS3 but also, the quick and easy IMPORTANT stuff for digital scrapbooking. I had been a huge fan of Jessica Sprague & her blog because of all the sincere help & tutorials and her evident desire for people to understand how much fun scrapbooking can be.  There are always free kits and free tutorials available at her website.  But her classes!!! WOW! Fantastic! So in depth, so much detail, yet everything is so organized and planned out and ...here is the main part... taught at an everyman's level. These classes could be taught to someone that is just loading the software on their machine to someone who has been using it for years...there really is that much great, well executed information taught clearly. And, she thinks you're awesome. :) Bonus.  The work I've been doing in her classes have made me sign up for more & more! Simply because I have been able to advance so quickly in my understanding, the ease of the program now is a dream...and I have soooo much more to learn. So go check it out!
I can't wait to post all the great layouts created with the course materials from Jessica's classes.

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