Sunday, November 28, 2010


Yea! Posting my first digital freebie!! Hopefully there will be many more to follow! I have added my Terms of Use in the Mini-Kit for those that download the file. :) I would love to see your layout using any of these papers or elements, so jot me a note, leave a comment, send a link so I can jump up and down, squeal in glee, and *clappity clap* seeing my designs being used by you!!!
Espresso Yourself...Skimmed (this link has expired)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Digital Designing

At some point in making the kit, I realized I had too many colors and styles. But upon consideration, it looked like the kit could be divided into TWO complete kits, that in their own way could compliment each other. So, here is   ...of the Day

Digital Designing

I so enjoyed taking the Art of Design class with Jessica S.  It was an incredible amount of information that completely blew me away! One of the final projects (in fact was part of the certification process) was designing a complete digital scrapbook kit, including the packaging, logo, etc. This was then submitted, along with our resume, to designer Carina Gardner for critique and a pass or fail. Carina also shared in the last segment of the class to help the 100+ students develop a trademark logo for ourselves.

Here is a preview of my first digital design kit...
Espresso Yourself by CloudyChais.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


This has been the year of certifications for me. I've taken up a few hobbies in the last couple of years and thought, wouldn't it be great if  I could start earning some cash so I could continue buying/doing things I love. And maybe I felt a vote of 'no confidence' for myself and my claim of being an, the need for me to be certified seemed real. Earlier this year, my darling husband surprised me with a trip to Florida and a Certification Level One class from Dewberry Designs. This is a type of decorative painting that is used mostly for crafts & things. And, yea me! I passed and am now certified to teach One Stroke Painting. A paying gig at Hobby Lobby, Michael's, JoAnn's, etc. Coolio.  Soon after, I took the plunge and bought the class The Art of Digital Design by none other than Jessica Sprague! Bet you saw that one coming! That was a fabulous five week course that was completely worth every cent!! Amazing!! And now, after that class, I am officially certified with as a Digital Designer. WooHoo! At this point in time, I don't feel the need for more certifications, but if I did...the next one would be for Face Painting & Body Art...maybe even tattoos. Ha!

New Blog Design...

Ok. I am going to attempt to get caught up on posting. 
First things first...
This cute little layout is part of a wonderful class, 
Blog Design Basics for Blogger, by designer Crystal Wilkerson at I heart that place!! Soon I will be able to design my own Blog Template, but for the time being, this suits me perfectly.  I adore the colors, quirky and fun images, and the font is awesome. Go check it out if you are looking for a kick to give your blog.


Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!
Count your blessings...outloud. :)

Inspiration Everywhere! Free Class

Just one more reason to love Jessica Sprague! She is offering another free class starting November 29th called Inspiration Everywhere. You do need to register to receive all the incredible goodies, though. Calling all designers! Scrappers, Quilters, Painters, Musicians, etc & etc again. Read all about the details here...Go Be Inspired!