Wednesday, November 24, 2010


This has been the year of certifications for me. I've taken up a few hobbies in the last couple of years and thought, wouldn't it be great if  I could start earning some cash so I could continue buying/doing things I love. And maybe I felt a vote of 'no confidence' for myself and my claim of being an, the need for me to be certified seemed real. Earlier this year, my darling husband surprised me with a trip to Florida and a Certification Level One class from Dewberry Designs. This is a type of decorative painting that is used mostly for crafts & things. And, yea me! I passed and am now certified to teach One Stroke Painting. A paying gig at Hobby Lobby, Michael's, JoAnn's, etc. Coolio.  Soon after, I took the plunge and bought the class The Art of Digital Design by none other than Jessica Sprague! Bet you saw that one coming! That was a fabulous five week course that was completely worth every cent!! Amazing!! And now, after that class, I am officially certified with as a Digital Designer. WooHoo! At this point in time, I don't feel the need for more certifications, but if I did...the next one would be for Face Painting & Body Art...maybe even tattoos. Ha!

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