Sunday, January 19, 2014


So many things that I would like to do…and so little time. At least that is the excuse I use. The Lord speaks to me fairly often right in the middle of my teachings to my children. Maybe you can relate. More than the obvious lessons like: 'I don't want you to get hurt. You need to obey so that you are safe' or 'I like it when you to talk to me. You can always trust me and know that I will love you…no matter what', but deeper things. The Holy Spirit was constantly whispering, 'Yes. Do you hear what you are saying? That is what I want you to know.'

Most recently, the girls & I were talking about prioritizing our time. My kids ages: 19, 18, 17 & 8yrs. My husband & I are so grateful that they are still at home with us this semester. The older ones were realizing that between work & school, their free time was disappearing fast. Too many responsibilities were left undone and in a household with six people, things not done in a week turns into three weeks of trying to fix-it-cleaning. So we talked about what was important to us. We discovered together that some of what was important to us was not getting done. huh. Then we talked about what we were actually spending our time on. revelation.

Most of their growing-up lives, I've had the older girls document (maybe once or twice a year) what they did every minute for an entire day. We've tried to do two or three days in a row to get a better baseline, since our homeschool days varied, but that wasn't really necessary to get a better handle on where our wasted time went. From the 'What I Did' info, we tried to prioritize better. Much like the Franklin Covey way. And then we tried again when things & time got a little out of whack.

Bottom line? You know what it important to you by looking at what you spend your time on.

Obviously there are exceptions and extenuating circumstances, but these won't be the rule.  The time spent in prayer actually creates time that is cherished. Thank you, Lord!


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 …a New Year! Hallelujah!

Happy New Year!

I am so looking forward to great and fresh beginnings! As a homeschooler, I tend to panic and feel overwhelmed by all that I didn't do (almost every December), but after Christmas and the reminder of His mercy, I can see January and the coming year as He sees me…with promise and hope of a future.

One of the things I want to accomplish this year is to set up an etsy shop and to publish several designs onto Zazzle & Cafe Press. I have several more freebie files to upload here, but seem to be interrupted before I can finish the projects. So, scheduling work hours into homeschool days is another priority, even though it can be toward the bottom of the priority list.

Hoping that you look to the One that can fulfill and sustain you.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Another FREE class from Jessica Sprague

To celebrate 6 years running, Jessica Sprague and team have posted a free class to get you hooked!! Photo Editing: Frame Ups & Special Effects 1. And you will be hooked! I adore her teaching style!! Her classes are filled with an incredible amount of information and tons of free digital STUFF!!! I highly recommend the classes found here for beginners & advanced users both.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Quick'n EZs .png FREEBIES

Cleaning out my digital files and came across this neat little freebie! They are both in .png format, so just drag & drop into your Photoshop Elements or other editing software and add you own photos and a bit of text if wanted...and viola! Instant 12x12 scrapbook page! Enjoy!

Friday, March 22, 2013

3x4 Journaling Cards Freebie

The earlier link for this file was closed, however, since I procrastinated in removing the files as benefit! Yay! I am reposting the original file containing the Art Cards and will keep them here as freebies for you as long as my blog is around.

ReDeaux... Celebrate Everyday Life Mini Freebie

Life is certainly unpredictable. That's a good thing, I think. So, I'm only a month late with a quick freebie. Hope you enjoy every moment of today and celebrate everyday life, every day!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New Year, New House, New State, New Everything

What a time our family had in 2012! 
We have since moved from my beloved home state of Texas to the gorgeous North Carolina. WOW. Luckily, we have documented most of our move & shenanigans with iphone photos & Instagrams, so I am looking forward to creating some memory pages! In the mean time, I wanted to update some of my freebies.

I have fallen in love with the Smash Book way of life & ideas by K&Co. I love the art journaling aspect of all of it! And I have come to sincerely appreciate Becky Higgins Project Life. So excited about her & Jessica Sprague doing a Digital Project Life class! Fun!!  This is a perfect class for beginning digital scrappers!! Using templates & ready made backgrounds, Jessica Sprague leads the absolute beginner in Photoshop Elements or one of the PS Creative Suites to creating some fast, easy & fabulous memory pages!

So, since the craziness of last year & not being able to produce digital designs, (instead it was all real life stuff!) I will be repackaging & redesigning & revamping my existing kits for a digital project life kit & posting here ...most of them for free for you! Because I really want to see these designs used.  Check back toward the end of the month of February for links to download my freebies.