Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New Year, New House, New State, New Everything

What a time our family had in 2012! 
We have since moved from my beloved home state of Texas to the gorgeous North Carolina. WOW. Luckily, we have documented most of our move & shenanigans with iphone photos & Instagrams, so I am looking forward to creating some memory pages! In the mean time, I wanted to update some of my freebies.

I have fallen in love with the Smash Book way of life & ideas by K&Co. I love the art journaling aspect of all of it! And I have come to sincerely appreciate Becky Higgins Project Life. So excited about her & Jessica Sprague doing a Digital Project Life class! Fun!!  This is a perfect class for beginning digital scrappers!! Using templates & ready made backgrounds, Jessica Sprague leads the absolute beginner in Photoshop Elements or one of the PS Creative Suites to creating some fast, easy & fabulous memory pages!

So, since the craziness of last year & not being able to produce digital designs, (instead it was all real life stuff!) I will be repackaging & redesigning & revamping my existing kits for a digital project life kit & posting here ...most of them for free for you! Because I really want to see these designs used.  Check back toward the end of the month of February for links to download my freebies.

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