Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pretty Paper Prompt #11

Friday's Prompt from Shimelle was to take your inspiration from quilt patterns and the way quilters, such as my friend Deb, seem to randomly mix their collection of fabrics into incredible pieces of art. It also made me think of one of the quilters on the kaBoks Creative Team! She made a wonderful layout using pieces from the Collab kit the designers made for the store's Grand Opening... I think they look fab! Here's a peek from Alice's blog.

You can still get this massive collab kit FREE for the next two days of October! Just visit our blog here at kaBoks and sign up for our newsletter and you will get a link in your inbox for these downloads! Only two days left for the 30% off coupon, too!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pretty Paper Party & Lillianne

I have loved reading through the prompts given by Shimelle for this online class. Such fun and loads of new ideas of ways to use the stacks of lovely paper! Unfortunately for me, most of my scrapping supplies in RL is out of reach or has been confiscated by my daughters for various projects. Which is super fine, but I really, REALLY wanted to do some of Shimelle's challenges. Time is ever a factor at my house, because we homeschool, and there are so many regular things to do, it is a luxurious pleasure to make special time during the day. Nights however, are a little more reasonable, as I am putting the youngest to bed. But...I get to be in the room with her...can't be making noise, no shuffling papers...very little know the routine.    *bright idea*
So--Digital it is! This is all from the Chantilly Collection, Moss papers and stickers, with the exception of the stick pin and the 'kraft' paper background (these were from the Espresso Yourself kits). These are all available at kaBoks. TFL! I think this would make a cute 'Quick Page', so I'll add it soon with my tutorial for my friends.  :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Alice & the Creative Team

Here is another fantastic layout using a few things from my digital kit 'Espresso Yourself' made by Alice, the head of our Creative Team at kaBoks. She made the cute little fold out picture holder herself with Photoshop! Neat, huh?! You can find Alice's BLOG here.

Chantilly Collection

Yea!! My Chantilly Collection is now available in the store! Go check out kaBoks or here specifically to see my new complete set!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Cute Hybrid Project from Connie Prince

Check out this adorable little project on Designs by: Connie Prince. Too cute!

A little more info about PSElements

I really enjoy this website,, and here is one of the reasons why: they have great teachers with great free videos for all kinds of software. The link above will take you to the class Photoshop Elements 9 Essential Training taught by Jan Kabili. All of the topics that are blue (or a different color text) are free videos for you to watch. You would have a better understanding of what Elements is and can do by watching the free video "What is Photoshop Elements" under the Introduction Chapter. Remember that only the blue links are watch any of the others, you would need a subscription. But, really at this point, it isn't necessary unless you have the time & cash to invest right now.

Massive Collab Kit still available!!

We are still celebrating the GRAND OPENING of the store kaBoks! An online, international creative conglomeration of incredible people! Join us in celebrating by signing up for our newsletter & getting this free gift!! Just visit our kaBoks Blog.

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This coupon is valid until midnight MST on 10/30/11.

With your new digi freebie, create something your heart is celebrating and share it with us! One random winner will get a 50% coupon to the store!! Use the Mr.Linky on our blog to show us where we can see your wonderful work! The gallery for our site should be up and running soon, so keep checking back!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

New DooDad!

I made this little piece of Word Art =====> to the right. The blue one. See it? It says: "This time...this time in your life...right now, it is only for a season. Adore. Endure. Delight."

A dear, dear friend of mine gave me this incredibly wise advice years ago, and I am still trying to learn from it. I don't want to squander the time that the Lord has me here on earth with things that are not eternal. He has blessed me beyond measure with my husband, my children, my family & friends. He has taught me over and over again, His patience, His mercy, His grace and His forgiveness. This reminds me of my need to live out what Almighty God has given me.

So, I teach my children at home with the strength that He gives me, I adore my husband with the love that He empowers me with, and I continue to ask for guidance, forgiveness, and wisdom to live a life that is pleasing to Him alone.

I just wanted to publicly thank Debbie Black for this gift of friendship and words of encouragement that have meant the world to me through the years. THANK YOU!!!!!

Whatever you are going through, good or bad, it is only for a season. Give God the glory and endure & delight.

Creative Team Designs

Melanie is one of the kaBoks Creative Team members and she just posted this layout she made using the Collab Kit!! eeeeee! Love it!
Can you find some of my pieces? 

New to Digital Scrapping? Read On...

Ok. Here's the deal. None of my family or real life, honest to goodness real people that are in my circle of influence,  know how to scrap digitally, with the exception of one daughter. Yea, Miriam!! Anyway, for me to promote and be excited about this new store and what is happening for CloudyChais, I either need to educate everyone I know or get new friends. Blah! I love my friends!! Hence, my next statement. Class, get settled. And, please. This is me. So, ask whatever question you want, because that's what I did, too. *only I had to ask a bunch of strangers*

Here's what you need first. A photo editing software program loaded on your computer and a few pictures, too.

A few pics...let's start with 3.  Put these photos where you can find them. What does that mean? If I asked you to show me the pictures on your computer, would you know where to go? You could even make a new folder on your desktop (right click anywhere on an empty space on your desktop and choose 'New Folder'), name it Scrapbook Pictures (or whatever you want) and put the ones you want to work with inside the folder.
If you need help doing this, send me a note or comment & let me know what you are working with...PC or Mac...Vista or XP or OSX... Ok?

Now, you need the software. This part is easy. Adobe lets you try before you buy with their downloads and you can try this for 30 days. This LINK will take you to the Adobe website page that gives access to the all the downloads available from Adobe. You are looking for Photoshop Elements is at the bottom of the right hand side. Just click TRY. The next page tells you the system requirements and the Trial FAQs & all. You should see a yellow button that says 'Download Now'. After loading the latest Adobe AIR and the Adobe Download Assistant...I know, I know...which will ask you to make an Adobe Login Name & password...(email & pswrd) The Adobe Download Assistant downloads to your computer and then starts downloading the trial software. Since I already had a few downloads from Adobe, I had to look around the Assistant to find my download. It was at the bottom of the window, I clicked Photography on the left drop down menu and then I used the left & right arrow in the right hand window to find it...

Again, don't download any of the CS5 stuff! That is the full version of Photoshop (PS) & will be crazy to try to learn, especially since most of the tutorials online are using PS Elements. And, if you decide you really like what you have created after your month trial, the Elements software is around $70-$100 bucks, unlike the full version which is ...i don't know...really expensive. And attention all teachers, homeschoolers included...Adobe offers an educator discount. Either check out their website or buy from a store that offers those discounts as well.

Whew! That's a lot of info and we are just getting started. More to follow...promise. Oh! And this download will probably take a really, really, really long time. :)

30% OFF until the 30th of October

So excited about the store opening and the possibilities. Seriously, I only have a few items posted from my 'Espresso Yourself' kit and the collection should be up by Wednesday, so check back. Also, the Chantilly Collection should be up by then, too.

Check out the BLOG for kaBoks  and sign up for the newsletter & you will get a link to the huge collab kit for FREE!! Yea! Then, of course, post your LOs made in the gallery and you might even win the grand prize!

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Sew Your Own Christmas Tree Skirt

I came across this awesome little tutorial today for making your own tree skirt! SEW CUTE!!!!! I love it and thought you would too. Enjoy!   Sew4Home Project

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lots of free tutorials

After talking with a few acquaintances today, I realized not many people in my life know that I am a graphic designer...or a digital scrapbooker...or what a digital scrapbooker even is. Soooo, now I have at least several blog posts scheduled to help explain a little bit. But not now...I am exhausted. :) In the meantime, if you are interested in learning a little more about this, I am posting a few great free resources to begin your journey into the Digi World.

A favorite of mine is JessicaSprague. This is a great couple of lessons to get you going. And free items to go along with the lessons! Dive in!

Before I forget...

I came across this neat site today and thought I had better share! They have about 29 free tutorials, some advanced in techniques and knowledge, but others at beginner levels. They looked great!

Here's another blog with a few tutorials that you should check out...
SimplyKellyDesigns is a fellow classmate from the Art of Digital Design and she has some great products in her Etsy store as well as some great tuts!

I will keep posting the free tutorials because that is how I began learning!! It is sooo much fun!

Grand Opening at kaBoks!!

Come and join the fun at kaBoks! Be sure to sign up for our newsletter and receive the Mega Collab Kit designed especially for you & Celebrate Everyday Life!! (see earlier post)

The store is brand spanking new and we have lots of wonderful kits created by great designers! So excited to be a part of this new adventure! kaBoks already has a challenge with a 50% off coupon as the more details on the blog! Hope to see you online...happy shopping!

Celebrate Everyday Life

Yea!!! It is finally here! The online scrapbooking store, kaBoks, is having it's Grand Opening today, Oct 22, 2011!  And we are celebrating big time! They are offering tons of discounts for the grand 30% off coupon and a HUGE collab kit by our designers...including me! Just visit the kaBoks blog and sign up for our newsletter! This is a simply gorgeous kit with over 60 papers and more than 140 elements...and it's FREE! Did I mention that the alpha contains European & Cyrillic letters? Our goal is to unite crafters, scrappers, card makers from all over the world and give us all a unique & friendly place to shop.

I would love for you to visit my little section in the store & browse around. My Chantilly Collection will be added next week and Ava's Safari, So Good kit will be added the week after! So keep checking back. I will also be posting freebies here!

Go to the KABOKS BLOG & get your Mega Kit!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

More from Shimelle's

Such a great class so far! Lots of stuff to do and tons of inspiration! The video today was just the thing I needed to start USING all of the scrapping supplies I have hoarded over the years. As a matter of fact, that is why I started doing Digital Scrapbooking...just so I wouldn't have to cut any of my pretty papers. But now, I see that I have a similar view with Digi supplies and this was just the thing to get all the creative juices going strong!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Looking for a way to use all your beautiful paper that you have stashed & organized?
Join me @ SHIMELLE's (she's so cute) for a Pretty Paper Party! The class started yesterday, but you have access to all the prompts & materials...and we are just getting going! Awesome for hybrid, traditional, and my fav...digi!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

From the Pen Tablet Basics Class

This is me in Hawaii! Everything is from the Pen Tablet Basics for Scrapbookers class supplies except for the flower in the tag. :) I drew the plumeria to match the one in my hair. Ha! This was an awesome class, in fact, one of my favorites!

PonyRides & Longhorns

Josey and I having a blast in Texas! Pony rides were only a few bucks at the Rodeo, but we stood in line for a few turns because she was set on riding the white one. :) Ok. 
The other pics are during the bull run parade. She wondered why the big cow wasn't going anywhere! Dude. That's my girl!!

This layout is one of the templates that I designed in our Digi: In Deep class. Again, it is the older version of the class. The supplies used were from the class materials plus Jessica Sprague's Stitched Chip & Yellow Paisley paper from 'Strawberry Lemonade'.

1st Lesson from Jessica Sprague

Since I had already tried learning Photoshop on my own, with lots of free tutorials & books, etc. I began my classes with JS at the intermediate level with the Now We're Rockin' class.  I can't begin to tell you how much I learned in just the few short lessons from this class. Absolutely wonderful! This was when I finally started to realize that anything is possible with this crazy software!  Keep in mind that this layout was from an earlier version of the class and she has added loads of new content, but similar. Also, she has added different supplies from other designers that are now part of her store or some from other digi relationships. :) I think the new stuff looks just as fabulous and keeps everything fresh and up to what is trending now in the Scrapbooking World. Anyway, just wanted to share a few of the neat layouts.

Daisy Chains

Journaling reads:
We took a trip with Grandma and Grandpa Cobb to see their home state of Michigan in the summer of 1999. The Cobb Family was having a reunion...Aunt Esther’s home in Sandusky, MI. 
Sandusky was such a beautiful place. The pond at Aunt Esther’s was serene and relaxing. Miriam loved the grass. It was so soft and luxurious, no stickers. Cousin Kimi made...daisy chain crowns. Always remember your delight that day playing barefoot outside, pretending to be fairies and princesses...& daisies.
As you can see here, the class supplies are just awesome!
Some of the supplies from this class include:

So Much to be Thankful For Album Kit, She is Me album Kit, Notes to Self Album Kit,  Home Away from Home Kit, and various other papers and elements by J.Sprague
Jason Gaylor's Valentastic Valentine's brush

  • Brown kraft paper: Being kit by Jen Wilson (JWD)
  • Background Overlay: Bella Backdrops by Nancie Rowe Janitz (SA)
  • Flourishes: On The Edge Flourishes No. 2 by Katie Pertiet (DD)
an exclusive for the class Potluck Kit by SweetShoppeDesigns and Katie Pertiet for loads of lesson #2 supplies

Botanical brush: from Sun Prints No. 2 set by Katie Pertiet

  • Striped paper: from Peachy Keen kit by Rhonna Farrer (2Peas)
  • Blue paper: from Enlighten Paper Add-on by Jen Wilson (JWD)
  • Scalloped paper mask: from Border Templates set by Katie Pertiet (DD)
  • Scalloped border: from Festival Kit by Shabby Princess (SP)
  • Grungy frame: from Split Pea kit by Rhonna Farrer (2peas)
  • Negatives frame: from Storyboard Negatives set by Katie Pertiet (DD)
  • Aged alpha: from Botanist Notebook vol 1 kit by Katie Pertiet (DD)
  • Circle Date brush set: Digital Dates Vol. 4 set by Katie Pertiet (DD)
  • Brown paper: from the Fairy Dreamer kit by Katie Pertiet
  • Polka-dot paper: from the Botanist No. 7 kit by Katie Pertiet
  • Flourish frame: From On the Edge Flourish No. 3 brush set by Katie Pertiet
  • Flourish brush: From On the Edge Flourish No 2 brush set by Katie Pertiet
  • Negative frame: From Snap Frame set by Katie Pertiet
  • Title lines: from Jack-n-me alphabet by Katie Pertiet
  • Swirl brush from A La Mode brush set by MaryAnn Wise
  • Blue paper: from the Delightful kit by Michelle Coleman
  • Pink paper: from Beautiful Journey paper pack by Michelle Coleman
  • Scalloped mask: from the Serendipity Element Pack by Michelle Coleman
  • Flourish brush (brown): from the Boho Flourish Brush set by Michelle Coleman
  • Swirl brush (white): from the Delightful kit by Michelle Coleman
  • Oval tag: from the Apron Strings 2 kit by Leora Sanford
  • Twill ribbon: from the Twilled Phrases set by Jackie Eckles
  •  Brown paper: From the Everyday: Secret Garden paper pack by Meredith Fenwick
  • Red paper: From the Be Mine page package by Jen Wilson
  • Blue paper and text paper (made into an overlay): From the Fancy Free Paper pack by Jen Wilson
  • File folder: from the Catalogued Kit by Katie Pertiet
  • Love cardboard circl: from the One Haute Momma kit by Jen Wilson

More from the older version of Now We're Rockin'

She has the cutest smile!!

Text: Finally
I'm Finished!
Way to go, Josey!

Joselyn wanted to 'do school' with her big sisters. Every day, Josey would ask, 'Mom, can we do my cutting school now?' She was so proud when she completed her workbook

Josey loved using this workbook by Kumon. It was what she called 'her cutting school' and it was a wonderful way to use her time while mom was helping her big sisters with their school work.

All of the supplies used were from the class supplies of Now We're Rockin' from Jessica Sprague.

Capture the Flag!

This layout comes from the Now We're Rockin' class by Jessica Sprague. It was from an earlier version of the class & I think the new class looks fantastic!!

Here's what it says!

Capture the Flag
Two Teams. Two Flags.
Over 250 Water Balloons. Purple Against Orange.
Separated by more than 100 yards of Wooded Cover.
When you can't seem to score or get your sister's flag...
...send in the 4 yr old!

Circle Text:
In war there is no substitute for victory. Gen. MacArthur
There is at least one thing worse than fighting with Allies-And that is to fight without them. Sir Winston Churchill
I gave them fair warning. Pres. Geo W Bush
All of the supplies used were from the class materials except for the splatter brush.

This was an awesome day of fun! We just played and played...of course this was after filling the hundreds of water balloons. :) I love my family!

Safari, So Good

One more sneak peek at a darling kit made with love for my darling new niece, Ava! (I haven't even been able to hold her yet!)  :(
I'll be making a baby album for her using these! Yea!

I had special help from Josey making this kit!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sneaky Peeky

I really like Junie B. Jones.  Sneaky Peeky Spying was a hoot! We read her books by Barbara Park and listened to the tapes and CDs read by Lana Quintal when my older girls were younger.  My youngest is being introduced to the world of Junie B. now and my family is finding that Junie B. still has a special place in our hearts.

Now for my Sneaky Peek...
Redesigned a bit of my 'Espresso Yourself' collection.

kaBoks Opening

The store opening has moved just a bit to iron out all the kinks and to offer more to the customers & crafters. So excited about being a part of this community. I will have 3 collections to start with the store opening and thought I would share some sneak peeks with you here!

These are the paper packs for the Chantilly Collection. And here are some of the elements...

Can't wait to see you all there at the Store's Opening!!! Be on the look-out for some freebies to coordinate with my kits!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Other Scrapbook LayOuts

I have made loads of LOs and posted them (usually) to whatever class I was learning at the time. I also have most of them on my personal FaceBook acct, but haven't added them here yet. So be on the lookout for déjà vu if you have seen these on my FB!!