Saturday, November 12, 2011

Happy Veteran's Day!

So blessed that I was able to talk with my Daddy today and thank him personally for serving his country. He has always been my hero and has instilled in me a love and respect for this country and the people who serve in our military, simply by being who he is. I mean, look at this picture. At a time in history when the world was really ugly, this is what our soldiers looked like...young, innocent, willing to sacrifice, even though most didn't have a choice anyway, they still did what they knew to be right. They knew that it was right to protect the innocent, to give up their personal wants and desires for someone else, to fight for those unable to defend themselves. They knew it was the right thing to do to follow orders. They knew it was the right thing, even if they didn't want to. And even though our country didn't treat them with respect, during or after their service, they still earned it. They earned every iota of deference and esteem.  Honor is what my Dad taught me.  By being the gentle, quiet, strong man that he was... and still is today. By not being consumed by the nightmares of war. By not giving over to the evil of the world.  By doing what needs to be done without caring if someone thanks you or not.  By being and living a life to be proud of. Honor is what I want to give my Dad.

My father-in-law is another example of this country's finest. He fought in World War II and is living back in his home state of Michigan now. It astounds me when I am teaching my children about these wars that these dear men lived through them. They saw and walked through many of the pictures in the books we read. Neither my dad, nor my father in law, speak of their service much.  In fact, my husband said his dad never spoke of it while he was growing up. He, too, is a quiet man with an inner strength given him by the Lord. Thank you, Dad Cobb, for your example of what a man should be and for teaching my husband to walk in the ways of the Lord.
     to the 88th Infantry...and every other man and woman that is serving or has served...
We Salute You!

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